Dave VanHoose is America’s #1 Closer

Dave VanHoose shares his incredible techniques with his clients for making a killing as a Professional Speaker.  Clients pay a significant fee to gain from Dave VanHoose’s selling and marketing techniques honed over years in the professional speaking and marketing field. Dave VanHoose’s company “Speaking Empire” helps business owners, entrepreneurs, info-marketers and internet marketers make 7 figures or more utilizing his proven and specialized techniques.
Owner and CEO Dave VanHoose is the 7-Figure Speaking Empire’s master platform trainer. Dave’s masterful execution of sales presentations is demonstrated by his own success, and by that of his many satisfied students. Dave has been a mentor & speaker coach to some of the most famous and experienced speakers in the seminar industry. He is able to masterfully take a seasoned veteran and amplify their platform abilities to new heights. What is his secret you ask? Experience! Dave VanHoose is one of the nation’s top closers and has mastered the art of platform persuasion & personally done well over 3000 presentations from the stage.
Dave VanHoose used his leadership and sales abilities to take his first seminar based sales company, Foreclosures Daily, to the number 35 position on INC Magazines list of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies. In just under 3 years, Dave’s company had over 100 employees and more than $30 million in revenue. Dave Vanhoose was producing 50-100 seminar events per month! He shared this success with both Dustin Mathews & Debbie Montis, together they made an amazingly powerful team.

Dave VanHoose is a powerful example of a true winning spirit. He owes much of his success to his ability to accept nothing less than the very best, and to a strong commitment to a mindset of abundance. It was this same intense focus on excellence that gained him a key team role during the 2003 season of the Tampa Bay Storm Arena Bowl (XVII) World Championships! His powerful mental & physical commitment has given Dave the ability to overcome the many obstacles he has experienced in his life, including a complete paralysis at the very young age of 29. Dave’s ability to inspire leadership & provide speakers with the strategies and tools they need. Dave VanHoose is continually raising the caliber of speakers across the speaking industry.
Dave has based his business life on motivating top-notch performers and business people to achieve much more than they ever considered possible. Dave VanHoose’s own successes have led him to create his own new charity foundation to help others who are struggling.
Dave earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University in the area of Sports Medicine. Dave VanHoose recently won the prestigious Speaker Trainer of the Year award for 2010, and the America’s Trainer Award for 2011, and received the Platform Closer of the Year Award that was presented to him by the National Speakers Organization.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with the ladies in his life, his lovely wife and daughter.


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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: All The Essentials

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Although most people are familiar with the term bankruptcy, they may be unfamiliar with the different types of bankruptcy. Of the two types of personal bankruptcy, chapter 7 is generally the more frequently used today. Chapter 7 bankruptcy has some distinct advantages for the person who has to file for personal bankruptcy and many may consider it preferable to chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, this all depends upon individual situations. In this article we are going to cover all the essential information that a person who is considering chapter 7 bankruptcy may want to know.

What Does “Chapter 7″ Mean?
Chapter 7 is actually an abbreviation for the name of the law that governs bankruptcies: The Bankruptcy Code is part of the US Federal Bankruptcy laws, and chapter 7 is the specific portion of that code that describes this particular type of bankruptcy.

Who Can File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Persons who have a monthly income that is less than the median income in their state of residence can normally qualify to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. This median income will be different in every state.

Special Requirements For Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
To file chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are required to attend credit counseling. This must be done 180 days prior to the bankruptcy filing itself.

Filing The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition and Providing Statements
Most people who file chapter 7 bankruptcy find that it is essential to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney to handle the filing process for them. This can be a lengthy process which must begin with the filing of the petition for bankruptcy in the bankruptcy court. The court will require a list of assets, liabilities, information about your income, your expenses, and an official statement of your financial position. You will be required to provide a copy of your last tax return as well. All of this information will be handed over to the bankruptcy trustee who is assigned to your specific case. The trustee will request additional information as needed, such as proof of expenses that were previously undocumented.

The Filing Charges
Filing charges must be paid at the time you or your attorney files the petition for bankruptcy, in addition to an administrative fee and a surcharge which goes to the trustee of your bankruptcy case.

Meeting of Creditors
Once the petition for bankruptcy is filed, a “Meeting of Creditors” must be held in the next month. The person who is filing bankruptcy will be placed under oath and must answer inquiries from the trustee and the creditor or creditors involved in the bankruptcy.  The purpose of this meeting is to help the trustee determine if the bankruptcy could be a case of bankruptcy abuse.

Liquidation of Property
Although chapter 7 does discharge nearly all debt, rendering the person filing the bankruptcy debt-free, the debtor must lose property to do this in certain cases. This property will be sold to help pay off the debt that is not exempt. Some property such as a home and a vehicle may be protected while other property may not. The trustee will be in charge of liquidating the property and deciding how to allocate any proceeds to the creditors.

If you find yourself in dire financial straights and don’t know where to turn, call us at (813) 200-4133 Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Center, 15421 N. Florida Ave., Ste. B, Tampa, FL 33613

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Some Tax Misconceptions that Many People Continue to Believe In

People think that should they have recently been declaring their taxes for any very long time, they become experts in filing recommendations and needs. Regrettably, using the tax code going through revisions and updates almost yearly, and literally 100s of various codes that have to do with as a variety of situations, unless of course you’re a irs help lawyer, it’s hard to keep up-to-date on all the new changes. It’s not only hard to remain up-to-date on tax understanding, it’s also tough to believe that a number of that which you thought to be real is either no more true, or is at fact, never true whatsoever. Each year, people file their tax statements while thinking in many tax misconceptions, so they are generally throwing out money or having serious IRS problems.

People think that once they got married, they instantly need to apply for some pot taxes. This really is essentially not the case because they really possess the alternative of filing under ‘married filing individually.’ Usually, filing under this process can cost you a lot more than when utilizing some pot tax return. In special cases, however, it can save you money as a consequence of utilizing this method. For couples with two earnings earners, experts propose that you file while using two ways and find out which technique is more advantageous and enables you to save cash. You are able to really take advantage of 1 method now, and so the other option the following year, but still end up saving a great deal of money for occasions. It is also smart to do that each year as throughout that period, certain qualities of the person’s tax responsibility changes. Understanding what filing approach to adapt ought to be a conjugal decision to be able to avoid tax record incongruencies and IRS issues.

Subtracting sales taxes is an additional misunderstanding that tax payers constantly be seduced by. Until 1986, it had been really permitted for individuals to subtract some sales taxes for his or her purchases. Inside a couple of states, however, this law was re-implemented in some way. In 2004, 2006 as well as 2007, people can subtract their sales taxes in the condition tax or federal tax. Note that it’s ether-or, meaning, they can’t result in the deduction on kinds of taxes. Citizens of Wyoming, Alaska, Washington, Florida, Texas, South Dakota and Nevada received a substantial break when this kind of tax breaks was permitted. Just to actually continue to be on course and also to avoid potential difficulties with the government, you might want to check up on this policy’s status every now a then.

Another common misunderstanding is caused because a particular law been around before, but was afterwards eradicated. There is legislation before proclaiming that anybody aged 55 and above may exclude as much as $125,000 of his/her gains from the purchase of the house. This can be a benefit that may simply be taken once inside a person’s lifetime. The brand new rules are really better. One amendment got age requirement and elevated the total amount to $250,000 per person. Thus, a husband and wife can claim tax breaks as much as $500,000 from gains made around the purchase of the house. Later, a policy was revisited making the advantage open to anybody every 2 yrs. Therefore, anybody sell a home and exclude no more than $250,000 from his/her taxes every 2 yrs. So even if you aren’t a Sarasota Tax Attorney, no you understand common tax misconceptions.

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Consider the Philippines for Outsourcing

Perhaps you’ve never considered the Philippines as a place to find outsourced resources. Now is the time. You need a workforce at a fraction of the cost you’re being quoted by local workers. Our representatives at 123Employee are fluent English speakers with solid skills who can make your dollars go further.

Reliability is what you need. Dedicated to your work flow, the assigned representative or team of representatives will be committed to your business, and your business only. With that kind of focus, tasks are completed quickly and the progress this brings to your business is fantastic. Data entry, follow-up calling, client support, and many other activities you need help with will be handled by your new staff. And your budget will still be in the black.

Right now we’re all trying to get by on less cash, so there’s no way hiring a traditional workforce for your small business is even an option. I’ve been building businesses for many years and I know what small businesses need. I’m right here with you every step of the way to support you with a dependable workforce.

As managers and small business owners broaden their understanding of how outsourcing helps businesses grow, we’ll continue to see a trend toward this way of staffing. As businesses grow, more stateside staffing will become necessary and this will grow our local economy. This is a business-smart trend that is the natural progression of a global economy. This strategic approach to employing a workforce is starting to be referred to as “transformational outsourcing” in light of the way it builds economies around the world.

So, don’t be coy about outsourcing. It’s the best answer to small business staffing needs. ‘123Employee’ is ready to help you build your business. Let us keep your costs low and your growth trending upward. Give us a call.  We look forward to working with you.

Daven Michaels is an award-winning outsourcer and author of the book, ‘Outsource This!’ Daven has been honored more than any other individual or outsourcing organization. You can get more information on outsourcing by visiting www.OutsourcingOutsourcing.Com.

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The Tax Attorney and You

There are experts qualified to assist you if you are daunted by the tax laws’ complicated loopholes. Tax attorneys can help you with the deductions and the different forms to accomplish so you’ll understand them better.

You will need a qualified  Tax lawyer in the following cases:

* You’re under investigation by the IRS.
* You need assistance in property and real estate taxes.
* If your bank accounts have been levied or your wages have been garnished.
* You have audit and back tax problems.
* If you are starting a business because business taxes are more complex than personal taxes.

Should a tax lawyer be hired? Benefits are many. First, these kinds of situations are familiar to them. While this may be your first scrape with the IRS, experienced Tampa tax lawyers have knowledge and the ability to deal with it. You can always represent yourself, but a tax lawyer will most probably have a better understanding of the confusing tax laws.

Your tax attorney will safeguard your rights to privacy by just furnishing the IRS with the needed information. They can also negotiate better on your behalf because they know the tax laws by heart.

A huge advantage for having a tax lawyer is that it removes the emotion out of the proceeding. Rather than it being a highly charged event, it is a business negotiation among professionals. This is to your benefit because it becomes a fixable issue, rather than an emotional crisis. If your case is being handled by a tax lawyer, an enormous amount of stress is taken off your shoulders. You will not lose sleep or panic.

Thinking that the IRS will pronounce you as guilty if you employ a tax attorney isn’t true. This isn’t the case. It only shows you chose to have a tax attorney from Tampa speak for you because you are aware of your rights. Also, because there are no emotional outbursts to handle, the IRS would prefer to deal with a tax professional. Solutions can be speedily negotiated.

Because your tax lawyer is familiar with the tax system, you have an invaluable counsel in negotiations or in court. You can be advised with the best course of action based on your circumstances by an lawyer. You’ll also enjoy lawyer-client privileges.

What should you look for in a tax attorney? First, they have to be licensed to practice law in your state. They need to also have advanced training in tax law, like a Master’s of Law degree in taxation or background in accounting. Most tax lawyers are also CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). Be sure any Tampa tax attorney you are considering hiring has relevant experience in your type of case. Ask directly and also Google him/her.

When you have IRS problems, sometimes the only solution is to hire a tax lawyer. Let someone else take a portion of your stress and deal with the IRS.

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